5 great tips to use Metatrader MT4 on Mac OS

5 great tips to use Metatrader MT4 on Mac OS

It is possible to run Metatrader mt4 on Mac OS.  The good news is Metatrader with Mac works the same as Metatrader with Windows. Note that MT4 is a generic Windows program.

Metatrader for Mac allows you to:

  • Run Forex or Currency charting software & technical analysis
  • Run Expert Advisors or EAs
  • Access to custom indicators
  • Essentially you get all the functions of MT4

I have listed 5 ways to run MT4 on Mac OS. There are two main methods to it: with and without Windows Operating System

With the need to install Windows OS

This solution entails you to run a full-fledged Windows installation. Generally, this solution is more expensive because there is a need to purchase an additional Windows OS license.  This also means that your Mac is running an additional operating system.

4 ways to run a full fledged Windows installation and subsequently install Metatrader into Windows

  • Apple’s own Boot Camp which lets you install Windows on a separate partition of your hard driver
  • VirtualBox (Free, opensource program)
  • Parallels Desktop
  • VMware Fusion

Tip 1: Apple Boot Camp

Additional Cost: Windows OS only. Use of one operating system at any point of time 

mt4 on mac

If you boot into Windows OS, you can’t access Mac OS.

Unless you are a Mac enthusiast and cannot do with it, if MT4 is really a Must tool, I think it would be better to get a Windows PC. A Mac is certainly much more expensive then Windows PC

Tip 2: VirtualBox

Additional Cost: Windows OS only. Best Part is Virtual is Free but might be cumbersome to install  

VirtualBox is a virtual machine by Oracle.

It allows you to run Windows and Mac OS side by side.  The best part is it’s free. If you are willing to spend some time to read the documentation, I would recommend having Virtual Box as a solution.""

Tip 3: Parallels Desktop

Additional Cost: Windows OS + Parallels Desktop (US $79.99). Coherence function allows you to run Windows seamlessly in Mac OS without entering Windows 


Parallels Desktop is also a Virtual Machine. This means that you can run Windows and Mac OS side by side.

I like the Coherence function of Parallels.  Without the need to enter Windows or exit Mac OS, you can have all Windows file in your Mac OS. Adding indicators or Expert Advisor files is also easy. The only con is the price.  It is the most expensive amongst the 3 virtual machines solutions available.


Tip 4: VMWare Fusion

Additional Cost: Windows OS + VMWare Fusion (US$ 49.99). The cheaper solution for MT4 in a virtual machine

Easy to install. Runs side by side your Windows and Mac Os.  It was reviewed that performance is a little slower than Parallels VM, but with MT4 platform, I do not see any difference.""


Without the need to install Windows OS

Tip 5: Crossover

Additional Cost: Only Crossover Needed (US$ 39.99). The cheaper solution for MT4 in Mac


Cross Over for Mac OS

MT4 is very popular in Crossover. Installation is easy and the benefit is no extra cost needed for Windows OS.  The restriction is that Crossover is only compatible with the more popular Windows base software.

About 20% of TerraSeeds Tflow® Students use Mac OS for MT4 to trade forex. Our Chief Trainer  is also a Macbook Pro Retina Display user.  Talk to us if you want to know how to use Mac for MT4 during our Introduction to Currency Trading and Education Seminar.


Update 11 Dec 2013 – Free solution

Apart from the above paid solutions, there is also one that is without cost. Read on how to download and install via the link below.

(Updated 15 July 2014: After MT4 Build 610, MT4 is no longer able to run on PlayOnMac)

Installing MetaTrader 4 (MT4) on Mac OS with PlayOnMac – Free



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  1. Ahmed Ibrahim says:

    This is a cheaper way to run the MT4 on Mac, no cost for this

    1-Click on the link provided below to download the file “Wineskin” on to your MAC Desktop

    2. download the MT4 install file

    3. Click on “Wineskin” download on desktop and click on “ Install Software”

    4. Locate install file program from “Downloads” folder within the finder and then click “Choose” in the bottom right-hand corner.

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