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These reversed so any rally is counter trend


This chart of Dow Jones Industrial Average was captured in weekly time frame. A series of lower highs and lower lows indicate that this index has already reversed and is on its way down. Current rally is a counter trend. Next expected pattern is a lower high which could show up anywhere in an increasing number of potential resistance levels.

DJI already reversed so any rally is counter trend

DJI already reversed so any rally is counter trend | Source:

USDCNH – USD weakens CNH strengthens

USDCNH reversed, CNH strengthening

USDCNH reversed, CNH strengthening | Source:

USDSGD – USD weakens SGD strengthens

USDSGD reversed, SGD strengthening

USDSGD reversed, SGD strengthening

EURUSD – USD weakens EUR strengthens

USD weakening is not very obvious when we look at EURUSD candlestick chart using same scale as the ones above but when we zoom out using a line chart it is very clear USD is weakening too.

EURUSD already reversed, EUR strengthening

EURUSD already reversed, EUR strengthening

DJI reversed. USDCNH, USDSGD and EURUSD all reversed. For my own action according to these charts, I look forDJI resistance followed by forex pairs to short the USD. At this point it looks like 2019 will be a different year from 2018 (go opposite).


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