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XLE-WTI correlation; cue to XLE Cup and Handle 2-year breakout

XLE and WTI demonstrate high level of correlation i.e. move in same direction. XLE provides stock-ETF alternative for traders who do not trade WTI. Interesting to note that WTI has outperformed XLE since Q4 2017 while the latter was capped by a 2-year high printed in December 2016.

WTI-XLE overlay by Colonel Kink Forex Reporter

WTI-XLE overlay by Colonel Kink Forex Reporter | Source: Tradingview

Bullish view of WTI and XLE

In previous piece I was looking for swing long WTI as a continuation trade. I see it sitting at potential support. At same time XLE is capped at 2-year high accompanied by a cup and handle pattern. If WTI long continuation is correct, XLE may do a breakout above this resistance. In fact there is room for XLE to catch up since it is underperforming.


Bearish alternative

There is a bearish view. When correlation is found question is always which is correct A or B? What if WTI is bearish? Then XLE resistance is justified and the current underperformance would be easily justified as a divergence.

I prefer the bullish view. To each his own bear your own consequence. Tradingview thread here.


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