Monthly Archives: June 2018

Add these 3 features to your EURJPY chart

3 elements in EURJPY chart from May 2016 to 22 June 2018: A) up-equidistant channel B) down-equidistant channel and C) rising mid-extended trend line. Expect price action to test these elements in any order for support and resistance.


The Tflow™ River is working very well with these pairs

AUDUSD, USDSGD, USDCNH and EURAUD are moving very nicely according to the Tflow™ roadmap since the last 6 months. It is obvious where these pairs are trending and the river could provide a clue to the next optimum retracement zone.


AUDJPY support and direction can’t get clearer than this

Based on a monthly chart going back to 2010, AUDJPY has clear distinct levels and is breaking down systematically. Here it has clear proposition to test 52-week low at 80.50. After 80, 74 becomes an attractive proposition.