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Monthly Archives: May 2018

AUDJPY weekly chart from 2016 to May 2018 (chart B)

Watch AUDJPY for a continuation of this pattern and its implications

AUDJPY is a potential downside continuation pattern currently doing consolidation. At the moment, it is at support from last year’s bottom. A new 52-week low printed first quarter this year suggests further lows. Negative implications to stock indices if previous correlation is still valid.

AUDUSD support and resistance levels 14 May 2018

Forex short term levels for short term traders: 4 pairs, 14 May 2018

Pairs are USDSGD, EURUSD, AUDUSD and EURAUD. Support and resistance levels drawn based on End-Of-day Close (forex pairs based on GMT+3, XAUUSD GMT+2). Charts from MT4. Transparent blue arrow and triangle indicate trend, red line shows current momentum.

AUDJPY 3M chart from 2004 to early May 2018

Another chart on the AUDJPY – SiMSCI divergence theme

Add this 3M chart of the same AUDJPY-SIMSCI divergence theme. What’s notable is that AUDJPY appears to be stepping down to a lower range where it traded between 2010 – late 2012 while SG30 remains at lofty levels.

XAUUSD weekly chart in line chart format

Thoughts of the day on NZDJPY, XAUUSD and SiMSCI

Look at NZDJPY which has potential to fall off a cliff and make a big move. SiMSCI could have topped with a very common reversal pattern. XAUUSD is also looking toppish and could turn out to be a disappointment to gold bulls.