Base building: PCCW ( and Wilmar (


PCCW is a dividend cow run by Richard Li. Based on the dividend yield, business model and price action, it qualifies as a slightly more defensive stock that could be resilient to a downturn. Note that resilient does not mean price will not fall.

Some features:

  1. Price sideways range since last 3 years.
  2. Hasn’t printed a new-52-week low in 5 years so qualifies as trending up.
  3. Long extended trend line going back to 2010 acting as current support.
  4. Although quarter is not over year, it is at moment best price in last 6 quarters including current one.
PCCW 3M chart from 2007 - April 2018

PCCW 3M chart from 2007 – April 2018 | Source:



Wilmar was last discussed in this story ‘Wilmar 6-year support: what do you make of this pattern?

On a 3M chart, we can see price performance Q1 and this quarter doing well and responding to that 6-year support. Should energy and commodities in general do well this year, there may be some movement in the same direction.

Wilmar 3M chart 2009 - April 2018

Wilmar 3M chart 2009 – April 2018

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