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Trading heatmaps for forex, stocks and others (link compilation)


  1. Singapore SGX market heatmap by
  2. Singapore stocks heatmap by
  3. Malaysia stocks heatmap by
  4. China Shanghai Composite heatmap by
  5. Hong Kong Hang Seng (HSX) heatmap by
  6. S&P500 and S&P500 sectors heatmap by



  1. Indices, commmodities and forex futures heatmap by
  2. Futures market map by
  3. Forex market map by
  4. UK100 heatmap by
  5. UK250 heatmap by
  6. UK sectors heatmap by
  7. UK indices heatmap by
  8. Currency strength heatmap by
  9. Forex heat-map by


How to use heatmaps, how to select based on relative performance

Heatmaps offer a visual way to relative strength, relative performance of equities/markets. Choosing equities/markets to trade based on relative strength and relative performance is a superior way of picking the right trade. Some explanations, examples are available below.

  1. How to use a SectorSPDR heatmap to analyse performance of S&P500 component sectors, sector ETFs and component stocks for stock and sector picking.
  2. How to use S&P500 sector tracker heatmap as a screening tool.
  3. How to read relative strength, pick a winning forex trade by building your own overlay or use a off-the-shelf solution from or



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