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DXY falling, not unprecedented

DXY has now fallen out 3-year range with new 52-week low.

In this chart, 13-week, 26-week, 52-week and 104-week exponential moving averages. These represent quarterly, half-yearly, yearly and 2-year trend.

Note that the 13-week in red and 26-week in blue are now acting as resistance. Since November last year, the last dead cross has also appeared.

DXY weekly chart late 2014 - present

DXY weekly chart late 2014 – present

I wrote a long explanation in this post ‘5 bearish signals that show DXY uptrend terminated‘ to share my observation why DXY will continue to fall.

The fact is there is only one simple explanation – that such a move is not unprecedented so history is likely to repeat in the same if slightly different way.

DXY weekly chart late-2000 to end-2013

DXY weekly chart late-2000 to end-2013


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