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把美金指数DXY看的死死的五个看跌信号:1.季度表现下跌 2.移动平均线做出死亡交叉 3. 平均线成阻力,给DXY盖火锅 4.创52-周新低 (这没话说)5. 雪上加霜再加个头肩顶图形很难看走眼。


9 ways to see a Fed rate hike in the next 12 months

With 7 more days to go to the last FOMC meeting of 2017, most analysts see a rate hike as a certainty. Based on odds however, there are 9 ways to describe rate hikes in 2018 and not all are rosy.


Are North Korean missiles really a trading risk for traders?

Missile tests didn’t stop Nikkei 225 from a good time according to this chart just a distraction. There are other pressing trading risks to traders. According to this chart, missile tests didn’t stop Nikkei 225 from a good time except maybe temporarily.


Sembcorp-WTI-Keppel-Sembmar shows positive correlation

At a high time frame from 2005 – 2017, Singapore stocks Sembcorp, Sembmarine and Keppel Corp appears to have strong positive correlation to WTI in this overlay. Over a shorter duration, that correlation is less convincing.