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Fun with line chart analysis: NATGAS and AUDJPY

I present these simple analyses of NATGAS and AUDJPY combining line chart and quarter boxes. KISS – keep it simple, easy to learn and use.


NATGAS giving uptrend another go?

  1.  Most prominent feature is a recent ‘Higher Higher (HH)’ that beat previous top in Q3.
  2. This high is a bullish expansion.
  3. Any turning point that does not set a new low suggests a higher low which according to this chart will point to a bullish continuation.
  4. Waiting for price to overcome Q3 high eliminates the chance that this level (blue line) turns out to be resistance.
NATGAS weekly line chart from August 2016 - present

NATGAS weekly line chart from August 2016 – present


AUDJPY giving downtrend another go?

This one should be pretty straightforward because what happened back in Q2 (see left example) should be used as a case study.

AUDJPY weekly line chart August 2016 - present

AUDJPY weekly line chart August 2016 – present

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