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Free stock screener for US stock/options traders/investors

This is an excellent stock screening tool provided by Finviz free-of-charge (subscription required for more sophisticated features). I find that even the free version is really really useful tool, really a must-have.

For example, I wonder to myself what stocks that are in the red now and printing new 52-week lows will do if markets catch a sudden whiff of risk-off. A way to find build a list of these stocks is to use the free stock screener provided by Finviz.

Based on numerous filters available, I pick a 5-rule combo from the Descriptive and Technical list of filers:

  1. Country: USA (Descriptive)
  2. Option/short: Optionable (Descriptive)
  3. Price: $50 – $100 (Descriptive)
  4. Performance: Year Down (Technical)
  5. 52-Week High/Low: New Low (Technical)
Finviz screencap showing a 5-rule screen result for stocks

Finviz screencap showing a 5-rule screen result for stocks

There are many combinations that anyone can personalise according to his/her own trading strategy.


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