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3 charts of gold miners for bulls and bears

Gold miners Barrick Gold and H-share Zijin Mining are at or near prominent support levels. Critical question: Has their current week-week downtrend ended yet?

Zijin 2899 weekly chart 2009 - present

Zijin 2899 weekly chart 2009 – present


Salient features:

  • In both charts, there is a 104-week (2-year) moving average which price clearly reacts too.
  • A moving average is one of many technical studies to look at trend. It is not 100% accurate.
  • Since these are weekly charts, traders probably have plenty of time to look for confirmation, also from lower time frame price action and patterns.
  • I wrote about Barrick in May last year. Barrick traded downtrend between 2012 – 2015. A new 52-week high last year terminated to falling year- year sequence. Investors have to decide whether there is a bullish reversal chart pattern here.
ABX weekly chart 2009 - present

ABX weekly chart 2009 – present


ABX near term price action

ABX daily chart year to date

ABX daily chart year to date


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