Presenting Autobox MT4 indicator for multiple time frame forex

I did an evening presentation to members of this community last Friday introducing Autobox V2, an MT4 indicator developed by Binni Ong based on Tflow strategy used here. We developed it as a superior trading indicator to deal with multiple time frame analysis. Autobox V2 is now presently available to some according to terms and conditions.

These are screen captures of Autobox V2.

Autobox V2 screencap 1

Autobox shows bigger time frame price action

Autobox V2 screencap 1

Autobox shows multiple layers of information to present trend-within-trend


Autobox MT4 indicator key features

Autobox indicator is a MT4 indicator meant for forex trading. It is based on Tflow strategy and the concept of overlay so that information from many layers can be seen at a glance.

The key features are:

  • Overlay (to see trend within trend)
    • Replicating a higher time frame/candlestick
    • To see primary trend versus retracement
  • Colour (using color as on ON/OFF switch)
    • Instant indicator of trend and sentiment
  • Boxes
    • See expansion and contraction
    • See maximum limits of price (extreme)
    • See levels of hidden (congestion level)
Autobox V2 screencap 3

Autobox V2 visualises the higher time frame

The important idea is this: Autobox V2 lets the user see price action O, H, L, C at a glance, drawn from multiple time frames to be overlaid together. The user personalises the indicator according to the time frame of his choice but key information are now available for use at his fingertips.

Such as price direction and market sentiment becomes as clear as the direction of boxes and the colour of each box↓.

Autobox V2 screencap 4

market sentiment becomes as clear as colour in each box

Additionally, concepts such as duration also becomes very obvious.

Autobox V2 screencap 5

Duration can be an important input for trading decisions


What you should do with Autobox V2

I had the privilege to be employed in the aftersales marketing department in a global vehicle manufacturer in my first job. As part of my brand exposure, I had the fortune to visit their plant in Germany. This was highly educational and formed the basis of what I built into my own forex trading.

One thing I saw that impressed me most was a shadow board like this.

Shadow board

Shadow board | Picture credit:

In my opinion, the shadow board is ingenious – it presents so much information at a glance.

  1. There should be another tool.
  2. There tool is missing.
  3. That tool belongs on the right.
  4. That tool should be hung upside-down.
  5. That tool should not be bigger or smaller but exactly this size.
  6. That tool is a spanner and nothing else should be obvious to anyone.

Over the years, I have come to realise that we trade what we see and to trade correctly, we have to see correctly, consistently and accurately.

A simple shadow shadow board’s contribution cannot be overemphasised – it prevents tool loss through carelessness, theft, prevents injury, helps housekeeping and most importantly prevents down time in the assembly line due to sloppy personnel who cannot find their tools.

This is the kind of comprehensiveness and attention to details that Autobox was designed to do.


And most important feature is

There is a final feature that is so important – the room to scale up-down and the room to grow.

As traders we are growing all the time in terms of markets we trade, our level of sophistication. An indicator like Autobox V2 is our trading ‘toolboard’. As beginners, a 1-piece, 2-piece toolboard might be sufficient but as we become experts, we need a much bigger board n order to house so many more tools.

Autobox V2 has room to grow.

One day you and I will need something like this↓ which I am confident to say that Autobox can fulfil.

Shadow board

A bigger toolboard for a more sophiscated handyman | Picture credit: Amarsons


Come to this event if you are interested

If you are keen to hear more about Autobox, my colleague Binni Ong has a seminar this week organised by IG Singapore.

Date and time: Thursday 23 March 2017, 7.00-9.00pm

Venue: IG Singapore at 9 Battery Road, MYP Centre.

Registration: Please register with IG according to instructions on this page.

Event is free-of-charge.


Please take note that Autobox V2 is available only on terms and conditions. Question: Why attend? Box-like ways of presenting price information are not unique so what is special about Autobox? I explained before that this is convergent development since it is such a good method. Anyone could take a look at screencaps presented here and do an indicator for himself.

What my colleague Binni and I do offer is not just an indicator but the entire time-tested rulebook of how to use.

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