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STI constituent stocks: winners and losers end Q4 2016

Straits Times Index almost unmoved in Q4, languish in 2016. Q4 blue chips leaders Golden Agri, Genting Singapore which jumped into lead at end of year based on strong performance in last quarter.


Straits Times Index up modestly in quarter

  1. 11 bluechips up, 1 unchanged and 18 down from the third quarter ’16.
  2. This performance reverses Q3 performance of 18 winners, 12 losers.
  3. Gain leaders are Golden Agri, Genting Singapore (chart here) and Global Logistics.
  4. Loss leaders are Capitamall Trust and Starhub.
  5. Q-on-q, Straits Times Index was up 0.39%.
  6. Q3 winners and losers here.
Singapore blue chip stocks Q4 2016 winners and losers

Singapore blue chip stocks Q4 2016 winners and losers


2016 full year performance down, nearly unchanged

  1. Year-on-year, the Straits Times Index is nearly unchanged.
  2. Gain leaders are Golden Agri and Sats.
  3. Loss leaders are Starhub and Yangzijiang Shipbuilding.
  4. SATS, Thai Beverage (additional observations here) and Jardine Cycle & Carriage are strong performers for the whole year but finally stumbled into red in Q4. Turning point?
  5. Golden Agri and Genting Singapore are strong performers that jumped into the lead, performed magic in the last quarter.
  6. Asian indices in particular China, Hong Kong and Singapore deliver poor showing for 2016; Western indices do well.
Performance of major stock market indices in 2016

Performance of major stock market indices in 2016 | Source:


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