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Monthly Archives: January 2017

DXY at previous breakout level

DXY is now parked at this support so now what?

Now that DXY is parked at 100 (which is very significant), two camps of traders will be looking at 1) trend continuation 2) reversal. But wait! There is a third possible outcome.


How to “Buy Low and Sell High” Like a Pro

Now, at the start of 2017, we’re seeing other markets — like bonds and crude oil, to name just a couple –where the activity of the “commercials” is lining up beautifully with the Elliott Wave model, implying big moves ahead.

Relative performance of forex majors in 2016Relative performance of forex majors in 2016

2016 performance of USD to forex majors in 4 sentences

I look at price action of USD to forex majors in 2016. The whole action can be described in 4 sentences. But to sum it up, 2016 was all about ‘Brexit, POTUS, GBP and the Japanese Yen’.


“Sell those euros. Sell’em.”

What Elliott Wave charts say about EURUSD according to the folks at Elliott Wave International.