Simple free charting solution for H-Shares

This as a simple free charting solution for retail investors like myself who are interested to invest in China’s listed companies. My main interest is H-shares which are stocks of China incorporated companies listed on Hong Kong Exchange. H-shares are available to foreigners to invest unlike Shanghai and Shenzhen listed stocks. It is easy to open a stock broker account in Hong Kong. Besides, price feed of H-shares can be found on’s free browser based interactive chart. This combination makes a good starting point into China especially for retail stock investors. There is a total of 212 H-shares as of 30 September 2016.


Problem encountered foreign investors

I describe myself as:

  1. Not a China resident; facing difficulties opening a stock investing account to invest directly in the Shenzhen or Shanghai stock exchanges.
  2. Easy to open a stock broker account in Hong Kong or to use an account with a local (for me, Singapore) stock broker with access to SHHK Connect i.e. Northbound, orders placed through participants in the Hong Kong Exchange.

    Eligible securities aka Northbound are:

    1. Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) 180 Index
    2. SSE 380 Index and
    3. All SSE listed A-Shares plus any other A-Shares which have corresponding H shares listed on SEHK except A-Shares shares not traded in RMB and shares included in the “risk alert board”
  3. Not entirely proficient in Chinese and therefore having trouble navigating Chinese websites. I am proficient in writing and reading Chinese but find Chinese typography/web design exceedingly tiring to read/navigate.
  4. Have trouble accessing/installing/operating a Chinese charting platform; although many are free to download for use, they require some kind of Chinese ID or contact number for verification before downloading.


Charting solution – H-shares on

From Investopedia, the definition of H-shares

H-shares are shares of companies incorporated in the Chinese mainland that is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange or other foreign exchange. Although H-shares are regulated by Chinese law, they are denominated in Hong Kong dollars and trade the same as other equities on the Hong Kong exchange.


As of 30 September 2016, there are 212 H-shares listed on the Hong Kong Exchange. You can search for H-share stock charts on with their stock code.

Take a look at this screencap I took from HKEX.

Partial table of H-shares listed on HKEX as of 30 Sep 2016 | Source: HKEX

Partial table of H-shares listed on HKEX as of 30 Sep 2016 | Source: HKEX


Step by step use

If you look at the first row under header, China Construction Bank Corporation has a stock code of ‘00939’ on the second column from the left. To find chart on, shorten to the stock code to ‘0939’ by dropping the first digit ‘0’. Enter ‘0939’ into the search bar at top of page on


Enter stock code into search bar at top of page | Source:

Some stocks have ADRs or American Depository Receipts listed on US stock exchanges or other derivatives on non-Chinese exchanges. These will show up in a drop down of search results. Click on ‘Equity – Hong Kong‘ for the best outcome. Below is a screencap of’s ‘Overview’ chart. You can also click on the ‘Technical Chart’ link on the top right hand corner. ‘Technical chart’ will bring you to a more sophisticated interactive chart.


Screencap of chart


2828: The H-share index

Finally if you want to know how the whole H-share basket is performing, search for stock code ‘2828′ which is the Hang Seng H-share Index ETF. This ETF should point out where the whole basket is going. Compare each stock against the H-share Index ETF will also show who is over/underperforming i.e. relative strength against the broad basket.

Hang Seng H-share Index ETF (ticker 2828.HK) | Source:


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