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Pleasant surprise after TASS talk – eye care/ sustainable trading

I was at the Technical Analysts Society (Singapore) to deliver a presentation ‘Soh Tiong Hum’s proprietary Box Theory, Price Action and Trend‘ on Monday. After the talk, a number of participants stayed behind to have a chat with me, I was pleasantly surprised that the topic of eye-care came up.  This is something very close to me, which I have shared with many members in my community so it was nice to hear somebody else bring it up too, to know that I am not alone. I want to share my personal experience here.


Eyesight suffers after prolonged hours of active trading/scalping/computer use

I bring up the need to have good eye care and personal eye ‘hygiene’ habits often. This story I shared last month on OFM ‘13 tender loving eye-care tips for forex traders‘.

I suspect that after more than 15 years of trading, the first few especially intensively, my eyes are not as good as they should be for my age.

Every morning they have a hard time waking up. Whole-day sensations include dryness, stinging and sensitiveness to sunlight. By 6pm, blurry sometimes double vision. At night I have trouble making out the bus number on my commute home. If you experience the same problems, you are probably in the same boat as I am. There is even a name for it – ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’.


I have more than a decade of trading behind me. There was a period sometime between 2002 – 2005 when I was doing the Dow Jones E-mini intensively. The US stock market opens trading at 9.30 pm in Singapore (GMT+8) when there is no daylight saving. When daylight saving kicks in, the market starts at 10.30pm. I remember this period when I was very enthusiastic (and a lot younger, energetic) and trading from from 10pm until late sometimes as late as 4am. Obviously the eye abuse involved in that kind of trading as well as the wear and tear that came slowly after is not sustainable. What I currently experience everyday is dry, tired, sore eyes by 6pm.

The gentleman who brought this topic up at TASS had the same problems. He even has computer glasses for blue screens which I am going to investigate for myself. We agree that for trading/investing to be a long term activity, a sustainable pace is necessary. Besides eye care one has to take a step back, look at the big picture and not to be scalping, doing hit and run. At 42 this year, I know my eyes could be a lot better. If don’t take care, how to last till 50, 60?


Suitable eye drops prevent dryness


Look for a sustainable style of trading

It is the same motivation to take care of my eyes, that I continue to push for a more sustainable approach to trading. Binni and I created the Tflow® method of trading which can be described as ‘Earn While U Sleep‘ strategy.  No scalping, no day-trading. I keep going up higher in terms of time frame – buy, hold, ride a trend, maybe a week, a month, a year. No more trades that have lifespans of minutes, hours only.

It makes sense from another angle – once you are successful at your trading, you upsize. After upsizing, the dynamics of the trading, the trading psychology involved changes. Once you have upsized sufficiently, the urge of high-leverage, quick money is replaced by a desire of stability, steady gain than minute-minute kind of volatility. Go for bigger stop losses, further targets so as to have less frenzied volatile activity, more thinking and planning, enjoy smoother rides.It is a necessary kind of transformation, changing trading plan that one has to go through for trading to be a lifetime activity. Who wants to be fooling around with 10-pips, 20-pips in minutes, hours forever if you have grown beyond mini-contracts?


Director, TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd. Trader, investor. @sohtionghum was picked ‘Top 70 Forex Twitter in 2015’. Operates multiple strategies.

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