EUSTX50 and Deutsche Bank charts

US market shows risk aversion to financial sectors since the last 5 days. In addition, Deutsche Bank stock is at all time low while the EUROSTOXX 50 index is printing a potential reversal.



  • The channel is what we are interested in.
  • The channel defines Eurostoxx 50 price action YTD i.e. channel bound, in the red for the year, pointed downwards.
  • Price now printing potential head and shoulders pattern, resisted by top of channel.
EUSTX50.FX daily chart

EUSTX50.FX daily chart


Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank weekly chart |

Deutsche Bank weekly chart |

  • So low that it’s CEO is being made fun of.


Aversion to financials showing up

  • How to make use of this tool by Sector Select SPDR explained in this post.
1-day and 5-day sector ETFs show risk aversion

1-day and 5-day sector ETFs show risk aversion | Sector Select SPDR

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