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4 DIY steps to improve magnet sensitivity on MetaTrader 4

This is a simple 4-step Do-It-Yourself method to tweak MT4 to make trend lines, fibonacci-retracement, fibonacci-expansion tools stick better, more accurately. It increases ‘magnet sensitivity’ on the chart. This is important for MetaTrader 4 users who demand accurate results because trading decisions and outcome depend on it.


How to make trend lines stick better/increase magnet sensitivity

There is a magnet feature on MT4. This is a common feature on charting software that makes starting/ending points of trend lines stick precisely.

Poor magnet sensitivity can be frustrating and costly when each time a trend line is reproduced the outcome is different even though user is connecting the same start and end points. This affects the trend line tool as well as equidistant channel tool, the fibonacci-retracement and fibonacci-expansion tools available in MT4. Values displayed by fibonacci-retracement, fibonacci-expansion can also show different outcomes even though same points appear to be connected.

Tools on MT4 that rely on magnet sensitivity to deliver consistent, accurate results

Drawing tools on MT4 that rely on magnet sensitivity to deliver accuracy


To increase magnet sensitivity, follow these 4 steps

4 steps to improve magnet sensitivity on MT4

4 steps to improve magnet sensitivity on MT4


Step #1 – Go to Menu Bar at top, click on ‘Tools’.

Step #2 – When dropdown menu appears, go to bottom click ‘Options’.

Step #3 – A pop up ‘Options’ box will appear. Look for and click ‘Objects’.

Step #4 – At bottom field for magnet sensitivity, insert ’40’. The first time I encountered this value, it was set at ’10’.


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