Sneak a look how Binni Ong operates “The Alien Room”

For those of you curious about what The Alien Room that Binni is offering through, I am giving you a peep.

Please note that The Alien Room is not a room so please don’t ask us when she holds meetings and where to go. The ‘Room’ is as much of a room as a Mac Book is a book. I hope this is clear enough.

Binni is making use of G+ which many here are already familiar with and for those who subscribed to “The Alien Room”, she adds you to another circle where she shares her own trading diary. It is an account of what she is doing for herself.


Pssst: There is a thread on USDSGD coming. | Picture: How info is shared on G+


*Disclaimer: What she does may not be suitable for you but basically if you subscribe, you get to read her ‘talking’ out to herself. Also note 1. we do not have a CMS license to give trade advice 2. we are not a regulated broker 3. we don’t manage money 4. we provide education only.*


Picture below is a screen capture of a diary entry shared last week on EURCAD. FYI that trade is still going on right now.


Private diary entry on EURCAD which is a trade that is still going on

  1. There is a 200+ pips running profit.
  2. There was a second entry that is riding 100+ pips running P/L.
  3. Very important – don’t ask us about odds, statistics and how much money she risked – this is a trade diary, not a signal provider. Basically subscribers go it to see what she is thinking about and how to go about planning but is not meant to follow her trades. 
  4. Her trading motive, time frame and risk tolerance is personal and may not be applicable to you. YOU bear the consequence of your own action.
  5. For those who are interested in subscribing to such a arrangement, please go here.

Running position at moment on EURCAD

Please note that there is risk in trading that may not be suitable for everyone.

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