What’s the difference between 4M/BP and ‘T‎he Alien Room’‬?

Message to Tflow® community

I am still posting my trade ideas and thoughts in G+ – just that it is to another group #thealienroom.

Announced earlier this year, that TerraSeeds is moving to offer ‪#‎Tflows‬ course online. There are many reasons, but most important, online training model allows us to continue supporting our students in live webinar sessions, as well as for us to still focus on our best loved – trading.

Thus, since early this year, I’ve worked very hard to share with all #tflow students in G+, all my trade ideas so you could continue to apply what you learnt without feeling lost.

Now, with start of http://onlineforexmaster.com, we have officially start charging so we could give you better support. You can still get my trade ideas and thoughts, however, this will require subscription to #thealienroom. With as low as SGD$48, you can also attend webinar at your convenient time or view archived webinars for continuous learning.

Registration for #thealienroom for #tflow students herehttp://onlineforexmaster.com/terraseeds-students-registrat…/


Difference between after-course learning approaches

Then what’s the difference between 4M/BP classes vs #thealienroom?

4M/BP classes are conducted as physical class. We will still revise #tflow concepts, I will explain the why and how, you will still provide me with analysis on the spot. 4M/BP classes attempt to develop and enhance your trading skills.

#thealienroom is more of sharing my trade ideas and thoughts, likewise in webinar sessions, interaction is more of trainer delivers these ideas and thoughts rather than interaction between student/myself.

Hope to see you in #thealienroom!

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