Timetable for UK’s EU Referendum

For Asian traders at my time zone (Singapore, GMT + 8), this is a good timetable to refer to for EU Referendum tonight. From forexlive.com,

  • Polling places open 0600GMT
  • Polling places close 2100GMT
  • Each local counting area will begin counting once voting closes
  • First results are expected around 0000GMT (Friday morning UK time)
  • A reasonably clear picture of the result should be from around 0300GMT … but that will depend on the closeness of the results
  • Final declaration expected around 0600GMT (Friday morning UK time), this will be when about 75% of counting areas are expected to have declared. Again, subject to the closeness of the contest.


Changed to Singapore time, this is what we can expect:

  • Polling places open at 1400hrs or 2.00pm.
  • Polling places close on 24 June at 0500hrs or 5.00am.
  • First results are expected at around 0800hrs or 8.00am tomorrow morning.
  • Clear picture by 1100hrs or 11.00am.
  • Final declaration expected around 1400hrs or 2.00pm.


For those who are keen, The Telegraph is my preferred source.

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