FT100 picture hasn’t changed from beginning of month

Does one week make a change?

Yes. That head and shoulders pattern from March – May failed after a break – un-break action at 3 YL.

No. FT100 is back to resistance like it was at the beginning of June.

FT100 weekly chart October 2013 to present

FT100 weekly chart October 2013 to present

Resistance remains valid until broken. Traders should not lose sight of what charts are printing. Poll results, headlines keep us informed but also distract us from the most important thing: what price is printing. If we lose sight of important facts, we will realise that Brexit or not, there will still be a UK after the referendum, that the state of the economy hasn’t changed (not enough in 2 weeks anyway), that we have been taken for a ride.

FT100 daily chart December 2015 - present

FT100 daily chart December 2015 – present


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