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Announcements, reminders for H2 2016

  1. By now some of you know that Chief Trainer Binni Ong has come up with a new initiative to conduct forex trading course online. This initiative Online Forex Master (OFM) can be accessed here.
  2. Although the course conducted on Online Forex Master does not replace Tflow® forex course (conducted 48 intakes between July 2008 – November 2015) directly, there are no plans to run both concurrently. Tflow® will therefore be suspended.
  3. At this moment, things are a bit awkward because I am not involved in OFM and am able to address queries so please address your questions by email to support[at]onlineforexmaster[dot]com.
  4. Take note that 4M and BP classes are expected to continue with training from Binni but all class vouchers must be expended by 31 August. This was announced 07 Sep last year and reminded again in October so no exceptions will be made.
  5. Online support will still be provided by me through the blog here as well as G+. For Tflow® participants who did not join yet, steps to do so here (log-in required).
  6. If TerraSeeds students still want to access to Binni’s trade ideas and thoughts, please register via a special access granted out to TerraSeeds Tflow students.
  7. Take note also status of TX which will be phased out but final support by 31 July 2016. No exceptions also because this was announced Sep last year.

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