These 6 stock indices are parked at resistance

  1. Since I wrote on this topic of indices at resistance, China A50 and HSI have printed new lows for May whereas FT100 and DJ30 as had at least 1 big down day.
  2. One on hand, this is not material for any big move but on the other hand, one must be focused. Fact is they are consolidating and they are resisted.
  3. We see big rallies today in SiMSCI, FTSE, DAX and HSI where at some point, they were >1% up but don’t lose sight – this could be a sucker’s rally.
  4. Given we know how correlated they are, I leave you to draw your own conclusions whether they are printing real rally or fake one. One thing is certain, one move all move.

SiMSCI H4 chart

  • SiMSCI is parked at 2-week high and perfect spot for a wash and rinse.
  • That same spot is also April low, easy for former support to become resistance.



DJ30 weekly chart

  • FOMC statement tomorrow could be a high impact news/excuse but for now, positive correlation with WTI is clearly the driver.
  • This recalls the numerous FOMC false breaks that we saw last year.
  • And yet the index is right under a resistance zone and exactly symmetry with left shoulder.



FT100 weekly chart

  • Year open, left shoulder.



China50 H4 chart

  • China50 is at April low like SiMSCI and top of 6-day range.
  • It is also resisted by MA (red), twice.


HSI H4 chart

HSI H4 chart


DAX30 weekly chart

DAX30 weekly chart

  • Dax30 at right shoulder and prelude to a year-year reversal since it is parked under ‘3 YH’ or 2014-high.
  • That means what ever gains made out of 9 months of 2015 is lost if ‘3 YH’ cannot be regained by bulls.
  • See here.


From deficit to plenty in 26 minutes

In the meantime, the BS and bafflement must continue. From “supply deficit” to “still plenty of oil” in all of 26 minutes. This is a script to a bad story that I have read somewhere.


OH MY EYES. THEY BURN! (From deficit to plenty in 26 minutes)


Bonus chart: Rallying into resistance – City Development

We must visit this chart in a few weeks to see the outcome. (Make no mistake – buying at resistance in a down trend is not the right mix for making lots of money.)


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One thought on “These 6 stock indices are parked at resistance”

  1. Cheow Chin William See says:

    Seem like everyone is trying to spin their story to manipulate the market. Everything is subjective whether it is half empty or half full. Only price will tell the truth. Let be patient and wait for price to tell the story :)

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