Random stock, forex observations for the day

FT100 volatility at 6100

On the 5-minute chart time frame, this nearly 2-hour struggle between bulls and bears definitely spell ‘Big Fight‘. In my opinion, this is a lot of effort to defend 30 points or only 0.5% of the index. Is it worthwhile to throw in so much treasure to defend such a small real estate? Reminds me of the movie ‘Hamburger Hill’. #pyrrhicvictory

  1. Hour to hour, FT100 is trending down.
  2. It is fighting below day open which means this far the index is in the negative and sentiment bearish.
  3. Is this region a pivotal point? That intensity says so.
FT100 5min chart showing huge struggle over a 30 point real estate

FT100 5min chart showing huge struggle over a 30 point real estate


USDCAD week – week sequence terminated

Someone remarked that CAD is very strong. Was. Not anymore since that previous 14 weeks of week – week lower highs in the USDCAD pair has been terminated as of end of last week.  Could be weakened. Could be sideways.

USDCAD daily chart Oct 2015 - present

USDCAD daily chart Oct 2015 – present


SATS a bright spot on SGX

Blue chip SATS (ticker: S58) is truly a bright spot on the Singapore stock market. Not only is it’s uptrend intact, it is making new 52-week highs which is amazing in this bear market. For those using MACD, note the PD setup and S2 on moving averages.

SATS weekly chart 2013 - present

SATS weekly chart 2013 – present

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