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An up trend has always been defined as a series of higher-highs, higher-lows and a down trend, a series of lower-highs, lower-lows. This is a simple concept/principle and but poorly understand and overlooked. This simple concept/principle is also a pillar of Tflow® forex trading method which employs a simple way of visualising trend, placing emphasis on trend-following. The outcome is a forex method that follows trend, make trade decisions systematic, without gut-feel.

In this chart of USDCAD, week-week/month-month down trend is absolutely clear and evident. A trader who can be a good market follower, don’t second guess, keep entry and exit simple, I don’t see why he cannot make money.

USDCAD price action clearly shows its down trend movement

USDCAD price action clearly shows its down trend movement

From that bearish expansion (lower-low, orange box) in Week 04 that terminated the previous uptrend, USDCAD has been falling non-stop with lower-highs for 11 weeks. Therefore to approach USDCAD, do the following:

  1. Don’t pick bottom, do not go long.
  2. Look for intra-week highs to short into retracement.

The sign to watch for that this trend is finally over appears with a higher-high week that terminates the current lower-high sequence.


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