Impotent ‘seeds of worries’ all-in-style

BOJ Kuroda has now run out of words to move the market.

And so he boldly repeats/reiterates/reinforces/reminds ad nauseam

The BOJ won’t hesitate to take additional easing steps if needed to achieve its inflation target.

He might as well have threatened

Blah blah blah we will NIRP you DIE DIE.


Kuroda’s bane; Kuroda’s seeds of worries

And then the question is has easing/ weaker Yen ever worked?




Google translated.

Investors are cast the wrong question about the Bank of Japan. Haruhiko Kuroda President is not on whether or not to further easing this year, but the question of whether it is useful.

Why go ahead even further easing to 29 days as early as Kuroda are many. Persistent deflation, inconsequential world of growth, equity investors of anxiety, but such as the frustration of politicians that need to appease. But, there is a reason why that should not be so. It weaker yen incentives of Japan has backfired.

This paradoxical views on the Monetary Policy Meeting of 28 days, 29 days, would seem to ignore the positive impact of the yen, which fell 30 percent in 2012 and beyond. Certainly during this time, Japanese companies to update the record profits, increasing travelers from foreign countries, have been up to with recently pushed up the stock market. However, these benefits also do not have to enrich the whole Japan. If the company is to impart benefits to workers Orazu, inflation expectations will borrow the words of President Kuroda “somewhat weak” Mamada.

He either refuses to see the writing on the wall or has a different agenda. So much like a gambler who refuses to leave even after losing his pants or something gross like this.

22 Dec 2015 The New Paper – Addict refuses to budge from gambling table even when menses stains her clothes

A menstruating woman refused to budge from the baccarat table she had been gambling at for more than 12 hours – not even when her menses stained her clothes, the chair and the carpet. A counsellor told The New Paper about the incident, which occurred in March at the Marina Bay Sands casino. He said the woman lost her job, her husband and her home due to gambling.

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