Trading Forex Online – How about trading CFD online?

It’s a long time since I posted in TerraSeeds blog.

Now I will make it a point to post here too :)

I first talked about FTSE index or FT100 in my twitter post here:


Trading Forex Online – How about trading CFD index?

As a follow up, there is this ED channel too, as well as price retraced to F7 as an extreme overbought indication. However, it is also not my preference to short into indexes. But this time, I’m compelled to bring this up.


FT100 ED channel


Trading Forex Online – comparison between US and UK index

While US indexes have been going up, FT100 has been flat. The line chart shows a possible double top.



Comparison between FT100 and DJ30

It remains that the March 2016 low at about 6000 (as well as round number resistance) is very important. I would really insist on a buffer, about 20 points as usual. So it’s a clean break below 5980.

As for support I will update if we see a good close into the level I mentioned.

This is one of the few times that I opened my posting, so if you want to get more updates, do subscribe to this mailing list.  Lastly do note, the price level I’ve used is the broker I’m using ( so it will be different from yours. So do your adjustment, otherwise, get the same broker (just a recommendation only).

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