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Admin announcement, changes for 2016

I have been busy personally so updates here have not been consistent. Partly the reason is because I have increased the number of public speaking sessions to 2 a month (which means preparation and speaking time). Last month for example I did 3 sessions so this is taking some time away.


Courses for this 2016

The reason why I am writing this is because I received a call from a prospective participant of Tflow® course who missed the previous opportunities to attend and is now pushing me for a date.

When is the next date available?

Me: “We don’t have a date at this moment because our trainer is busy.”

So long? Is the company closing down?

This was not the first time this question popped up because someone asked me before a 4M session.


Please note:

  1. There is no date planned for 2016.
  2. We keep our options open but unofficially, it is highly unlikely to be a course date for this year.
  3. 4M and BP will continue until September. In October we will probably move to a smaller office out of CBD. It might or might not have a classroom but if there is one probably 15 – 20 pax size. 4M and BP will probably resume in November but we may have to borrow/rent facilities from commercial providers/brokers.
  4. The company is NOT closing down. You don’t close a business that has a 10 year reputation. We will probably take our time until we feel like it to resume classes. We are also looking at a transformation of the way we do things but it will still be about trading forex.


Content for this website

As part of transformation, I am also looking at how we present learning support for you guys (which will continue) and how to present public information.

For those of you who are observant, you might have noticed that information here has been increasingly private, requiring log-in. The reason is for a while I did not feel like giving away information to the competition.

Over these 10 years, Binni and I have trained and supported umpteen number of students many of which have gone on to build their own schools. I am not adverse to people starting their own track. After all truly ambitious individuals which many traders are have an unrestrained spirit to create their own. But many of these so-called gurus continue to take our support to give to their community – stealing credit for work while denying recognition. (If you steal online information, at least be kind enough to correct any typos and not to take the whole lot, you POS.)

It is true that we are standing on the shoulders of giants – that we can only build our trading strategy based on so much knowhow accumulated and shared by experts in the public domain.

But one of the so-called gurus ex-TerraSeeds told me several months back “there is nothing special about what you guys did” but he has been pushing an approach that is like a mini-me of Tflow. This has been eating my insides since then.

To say that Binni and I have not added our value into this learning is to me the final straw – it kills the passion for any person – person interaction in the kind of training format that we do. (Note: Binni and I are not so weak personalities to be put down by just one person. But over the years as many of you who are in the service industry will know, dealing with people is one of most difficult because frankly it is so easy for a customer to be abusive, to externalise their own fault was caused by us. So over 10 years, too many chinks in the armour. LOL.)



Nothing special? How many training schools can top this?


Binni and I have chosen to deal with this in our own ways – I will continue to write and speak publicly but it is unlikely that I will do any training course on my own. The content here will continue to be delivered which I will experiment with different ways to bring across. As for Binni, she has gone on to develop an online initiative – still training minus the interaction – which I am not participating in.  You can look out for her announcement shortly – probably March or April.



Those of you who are dear wonderful people still sticking with us, Binni and I will continue to sayang you with our support.

One last word: we are NOT closing down. Anyone dare to say this in my face again I will bar you from this blog and every other support available.


Director, TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd. Trader, investor. @sohtionghum was picked ‘Top 70 Forex Twitter in 2015’. Operates multiple strategies.

“Dear reader, I do not have a financial license to give advice. I do not know you the reader. Your financial objective and risk tolerance may be different from mine. I am not responsible for any consequence of your action.

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8 thoughts on “Admin announcement, changes for 2016”

  1. Lye Fong Phyllis TOH says:

    Dear Mr Soh/Binni, I’m always behind Terraseeds. I’m in business. I can differentiate the good from the bad. What you have done for us is most appreciated! Cheers, Phyllis

    P.S. I’ve a friend whose church can be rented for classroom teaching in weekdays. It’s in Paya Lebar vicinity. Can give you the number if you need it.

    1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

      Hi Phyllis thank you for your support. As for church facility, please give me contact the next time you come to class. Always good to take note of resources. Thank you again!

  2. Yanpeng LIU says:

    Hi Mr Soh, dun be angry la. Shud just ignore those ppl who talk rubbish.

    1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

      Hi Yanpeng, thank you and totally agree. Best to move forward and look at future rather than to be caught in negative energy. Besides there is a sort of Karma in this world. If a trainer who deals with intellectual property does not recognise/give credit to the work done by others, how can he expect to be dealt a fair hand by others. The market (training market, not the trading market LOL) will sort him out.

  3. Jacqueline CHAN says:

    Hi Mr Soh,


    1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

      谢谢。人要像铁一样 百炼成钢。

  4. Frans Tanudjaja says:

    Dear Mr Soh, no worries with those on the righteous side! Yes positive thinking and having positive energies are better. All the best all ways! Jia you!

  5. Li Zhen Stella QUEK says:

    Hi Mr Soh/Binni, Really appreciate the efforts both of you put in to help us in our trading journey especially in the after course support. Thank you for all the tips, analysis and blogposts. Still learning and struggling. But its the after course support that keeps me going and help me to understand how to apply the methods taught! Glad to have gone through your course :)

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