The Great SiMSCI 5-in-1 Confluence Signal

Keep in mind that trading the Tflow® simply about:

  1. Establish trend (use boxes)
  2. Establish support/resistance (look for point 2)
  3. Look for 4 to retest point 2 (and therefore to proof right or wrong)
  4. Look for chart pattern
  5. When many signals happen together/confluence, you got your best short

In this H4 chart of SiMSCI/Singapore index futures, everything is here. Point 4 with its head and shoulders reversal turns out to be one big test, false break and therefore validation that point 2 (322) is a solid resistance.

Got sure win? Don’t have. But high probability looks same all the time.

SiMSCI H4 chart

SiMSCI H4 chart


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3 thoughts on “The Great SiMSCI 5-in-1 Confluence Signal”

  1. Lye Fong Phyllis TOH says:

    Now it’s gone done so much today, what do you suggest on the trading strategy?

    1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

      1. The next level is 318.5 – 319.0. Need to see whether got retracement back to this zone.
      2. Also draw a trend line from 24 August low to 14 Dec low. This is the 1-3TL. If this price breaks this line, you have to decide whether based on risk you want to jump or not. If this line does not break, there is chance for retracement.

  2. Lye Fong Phyllis TOH says:

    Awsome sharing …. will follow teaching of my great master

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