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The Great NZDJPY 5-in-1 Confluence Signal

Follows up this post on SiMSCI.

Good signals look the same.  Everything the same only different time frame and different chart pattern.

NZDJPY daily chart

NZDJPY daily chart

How to trade?

There are only 2 ways to trade:

  1. Jump at market.
  2. Wait for retracement.

If you decide to jump, your risk is based on point 4. Downsize your position until the level you can sleep at night. If you decide to wait for retracement, wait for price to go back to 1-3TL or ‘3 YL’ and then look for 1-2-3-4 setups again but at lower time frame.  As usual, jumping breakout is dangerous but retracement is not guaranteed. Faith required.

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