Some facts and figures about Malaysian Ringgit

  1. USDMYR currently trading at 4.3115.
  2. USDMYR traded at Asian Financial Crisis high of 4.885 in January 1998.
  3. Mahathir Government imposed capital controls, pegged USDMYR at 3.80 in September that year.
  4. Ringgit peg to USD was removed on 21 July 2005 same day China unpegged the Renminbi from USD.

    USDMYR monthly chart from 1994 - present

    USDMYR monthly chart from 1994 – present | Source:

  5. China is Malaysia’s largest trading partner.
  6. China CFETS RMB index includes Malaysian Ringgit as one of 13 constituents; ranked #6 in weight.
  7. Ringgit lost nearly half its value to USD since 2011.
  8. SGDMYR currently at 3.05.
  9. Ringgit weakest among Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht and Indonesian Rupiah since 2014.

    USDSGD, USDTHB, USDMYR, USDIDR overlay from 2014 - present

    USDSGD, USDTHB, USDMYR, USDIDR overlay from 2014 – present


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