12 reasons why China is devaluing RMB

Overvalued against major trading partners

Once China published CFETS RMB Index, it becomes clear why they have to devalue Renminbi. 12 currencies named in the index have been devaluing since 2011.

CFETS RMB Index constituents

CFETS RMB Index constituents | Source: Bloomberg


12 of them have been devaluing against the RMB since 2011. We know also that this index was conceived as early as November 2014 which means policy makers have been simmering for a year.

USDCNY overlaid with currency pairs of 12 major trading partners

USDCNY overlaid with currency pairs of 12 major trading partners

This reinforces the observation that China is merely a latecomer to the currency devaluation game and explains why they chose to do it in a big way.

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