Trading AUD after RBA – is AUDUSD too low already?

Before you proceed to read the content, do read about another article written on AUD recently.

Is AUDUSD very low? Can it go lower? All in all it’s about rules.

Let’s check big picture analysis in AUDUSD, I posted that in twitter.

From HTF, AUDUSD is resisted by the long term trendline.

LTF check

Big 1234 seen. After RBA, price retraced to touch ED high as resistance. In lower TF, smallish blue 1234 seen.

Big 1234, ED not broken

Big 1234, ED not broken

Price has been coming down. Trading now trades into NFP tomorrow.

I’ve marked in F6, do note opening candle of this week. Price will need to overcome these support (F6+opening candle) to move south again.


Smallish 1234, pending F6, ugly pattern

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