Paris Attack, if there’s war, which currency will be affected?

How the markets have reacted so far to Paris attacks? Market gapped lower in the morning, but Asia by close has rebounded.

So what’s up in forex?



Thanks for your response. Yes I’m thinking in same way.  Before you continue reading, do read this post earlier which is important information too.

Big Picture Analysis

Currently price at support, next R around 93.80 and 94.40.



Low timeframe analysis

1234 seen. This 1234 is about 4.5 days. Do note that WR of 2 has not happened yet, but I’ve mapped in ED which acts as resistance. If this is broken, then it means green support around 91.80 is true.

Do note price is above week opening price and that 2/3 trigger has happened on h4 close only.


1234 pattern

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3 thoughts on “Paris Attack, if there’s war, which currency will be affected?”

  1. Lakshman Kedarisetty says:

    Hello Binni,
    Could you please explain what is the 2/3 trigger and how to check for it.


    1. Binni Ong says:

      2/3 is to measure distance of pt 2 and pt 3 and shift it to highest/lowest of pt 4. if above or below becomes a trigger.

  2. Lakshman Kedarisetty says:

    Thanks Binni for the reply. So for this trigger, is pt 4 combined distance of pt 2 and pt 3. Please confirm. Thanks.

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