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Break, pullback

We were early pointing out how constituents stocks in the Straits Times Index were looking increasingly bearish early in July and we know how August and September turned out.

In fact our opinion of the local stock market at this moment can only be described with one word: pullback. And the charts of these two sub-indices are most representative of the broad market: long term support or trend line broken – new low – pullback to test previous support turn resistance. Retail investors should note that when new 52-week lows appear, market sentiment is much looking for further South.


FST Telecom

FST Telecom sub-index weekly chart mid-2008 to present

FST Telecom sub-index weekly chart mid-2008 to present

The four key features:

A. 6-year long trend line showing previous uptrend.
B. Trend line broken, price action shows line as resistance now.
C. 2014 low as support.
D. 2013-14 high to be resistance.

Losing that 6-year trend doesn’t mean telecos are going South but it also means that long term investors may have to revise expectations. Features C and D are important indicators from now on.


FST Consumer Services

FST Consumer Services sub-index weekly chart mid-2008 to present

FST Consumer Services sub-index weekly chart mid-2008 to present

Consumer Services is in worse state that Telecom. Flat for 6 years, new 52-week low printed. That old support will be resistance, bears will be looking for more.


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