This currency is slowly moving after key news Part 2

I wrote a post previously on #nzd talking about GBPNZD. The post is mainly on #NZD which I suspect could point to a general reversal. We seen bad GDT data not really affecting much of NZD. So it seems that NZD might have some strength.

Today I’m looking at NZDUSD.

Boxes showing bullishness


Bullish expansion above many boxes. Count them!

Higher timeframe shows WR of key level


WR important historical level

1234 seen, with pt 4 into strong historical support. Pending trigger.

I’m guessing could be F6 (around 0.68) and also above this week (today) opening candle high which point to the same price.

How far can it go? I’m hoping a position swap as price moves higher. *big smile*


1234 seen in Day chart

Updated on 3 Nov 3.52pm

There is still no trigger. No trigger no trade. Pls don’t break the rule.

Coming up later will be GDT index which will affect NZD. So let’s keep watch. Slow is good.

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