Whatever goes up must come down; the main trend is important

Alright, this post is protected again. I’m looking broadly at big picture and so weekly timeframe my first choice.

Let’s apply trade process again.

1. Look for trades

If you can’t find trades on your own, then check out this blog. There’s nothing wrong to tap into my brain. Charts speak for itself.




Almost perfect ED

Step 2: Planning for trades

There’s no Day bearish close yet. So I’m not going aggressive. Smallish.

There’s a bit of bearishness coming up in H4, so I’m going to see if a retest back into previous high (aka pt 2) around 6970 will give me a low risk trade. I must remind myself – smallish tight stop.

I’ve marked in few support around 6880, 6780-6800. This is a big ED, so I’m going to play inside this ED first, further action till it’s broken.


LTF and my thought my actions

Step 3: Triggering and Step 4: Managing Trades

I was triggered on a smallish size on sell limit at 6980. However, looking at day close, the long tail doji speaks a lot about power of bull. So I’m closing out with a loss of 51 pips.

This trade loss did not touch my capital, because in the first place, it’s a small lot size.  Let me recap what I said previously. 

There’s no Day bearish close yet. So I’m not going aggressive. Smallish.



Day close on long legged Doji


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