I am a trader just like all of you.. so let’s rock and roll

The title is my thoughts. I also have my fear and greed. But most important, when I need to go, I GO. You jump I jump. But I check somemore first. LOL.

Alright, we had a nasty trade in #cadjpy that resulted in a 10 pips loss after so long.


Here’s another look into #cadjpy after a reminder from student.

High timeframe analysis again


1234 in line chart, seen from week TF

Still resisted by previous high. This retracement up now could be seen as a retest to pt2 (refer to chart above on 1234 mapping).


Price resisted by previous high, still resisted

Price resisted by ED high. Currently mapping a 1234. I am guessing that price might retracing back again to have a low SL, higher risk limit sell (note this is a limit with no trigger). If it doesn’t, I hope that F6 confirms.


Price in ED, mapping 1234, I’ve shown F6

 Update 2 Nov 8.47am

No bearish day close in CADJPY. This is something I don’t like.

I’m filled on sell limit at 92.10. However, with the day/week close not bearish, I rather wait till there’s a trigger then decide what to do.

Hope that my buy at break even of my sell at 92.10 is filled. *finger crossed.

And if I were to attempt cadjpy again, then I must remind myself: Strictly wait for trigger. No trigger no trade.


No Bearish close on day or week


Will want to wait for a trigger if I choose to enter again

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