GBP – mostly at make or break level – trading before GBP rate next week

In BP class yesterday, I covered on GBP, giving my thoughts that most GBP pairs, especially GBPUSD and GBPJPY at make or break line. What do you I mean by make or break? At this m/b line, I expect big movement to come. Needless to say, at this level, it will either go up or down *big smile*

My First post on GBPUSD here. Read first.

Month close, but no week close yet

We seen a month below key level 1.5230.

2015-10-01_16-12-06 gbpusd 1


Day close but not week close

On day chart, there was a close below recent low, but no week close


Month close

In all, I’m bearish at the moment, but I’m very caution about this trade and want to see more confirmation. Waiting for a week close.

This level is a very attractive level, so I can’t allow it for no action. But definitely things aren’t clear, therefore, limit risk allocated into it.


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