This currency is slowly moving after key news

This week we have USD -FOMC, NZD – RBNZ, JPY-BOJ.

These are rate related news however there’s not much market movement during the announcement. Well, nothing shocking.

However, we can also observe how a currency moves to know it’s internal strength/weakness.

And I’m observing NZD. Well be posting later a series of NZD related thoughts and levels in either G+ or protected blog posting. If you have not gotten G+ access, get it fast.

Here’s an analysis into GBPNZD.

High timeframe analysis

Broke and retrace to historical level


Below key historical resistance

Multiple 1234 seen.

F6 not broken. I’m hoping that price can retrace near to pt 2 22730-40 so I could get a bit of a discount. LOL for my entry.


Multiple 1234 seen. Trigger and entry important

Until price broke out of the blue ED, I think it should be only a range play.

Update 7.50pm 2 Nov

Price gapped up but turned bearish on Monday morning. Important to note week opening low/high. That’s the reason for this tweet, where I’m watching if GBPNZD can close below opening low candle of this week.



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