STI component stocks ‘Winners and Losers’ MTD, Week 37

With action from the Straits Times Index STI clearly showing where support is, this week could be a potential turning point for the local stock market. Whether this is true or not, one is better equipped if one knows exactly who the winners and losers are for a ‘buy the strongest, sell the weakest strategy’.


Blue chips 1st 10 days of Sep, Week 37 performance

  1.  September month to date (10 Sep) – 8 winners and 22 losers. Best performers Hutchison Port Holdings and SIA Engineering. Worst losers Global Logistic and Wilmar.
  2. Week 37 – 22 winners 4 losers and 4 unchanged. Best performers SIA Engineering and Comfort Delgro. Worst losers Wilmar and Thai Beverage.
Table of STI component stocks 'winners and losers'

Table of STI component stocks ‘Winners and Losers’ – winners in blue, losers in red


How to use this table?

  1. Winners deserve to be winners, losers deserve to be losers and price reflects this.
  2. Therefore this is not a table that is meant for ‘overbought’ or ‘oversold’. In fact the strength/weakness is going to be a trend.
  3. If market sentiment improves, look for winners to outperform even though losers might also enjoy a rebound.
  4. If market sentiment weakens, look for losers to continue falling while winners are likely to be more resilient.
  5. Compare with past postings like this and this where we looked at list – one is likely to find some persistent winners and losers.
  6. Do a more extensive table with year to date performance as well as comparison to 52-week highs and lows.
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