Glencore stock down 17% single day, use FTSE100 to tap into more opportunity -Avg 100 points profit

I hardly look at FTSE100, but when Glencore headline came into market, the first index to zoom into is naturally FTSE, because Glencore is an index stock.


FTSE Long term support is about to break

First, the price feed that I’m using is from Axitrader. If you are using another broker, the price will be different. Axitrader here

5995 (also round number 6000) is a very important level. It has been so far supported, but will it break this time?


Historical levels, note the one in blue around 5995

1234 seen, recent retracement shows 6050-6100 as valid resistance


1234 bearish

Smallish 1234 in H4, F6 is a potential trigger


1234 in H4, if this 1234 is successful, then we have a close below 5995

Most important, the smallish 1234 happens near to key level 5995. If there’s a confirmation, then it’s a low risk 1234 for a potential close of 5995.


Most important is to have a week close below 5995

Interim support at 5850. And I update as price moves. Stay tuned.

Update on 30 Sep 2.53pm

I’m all out on this trade. Before I’m out on everything, posted in Facebook page. This trade is on average 100-130 points profit. I attaching some tweets from students on the FTSE trade, which I think I deserved to get a pat on my back for a good trade. I thank them for bravely acknowledging and sharing.


Update in facebook on trade management for this trade

here’s an update on FTSE100 which I shorted last night. Made a post to #terraseeds #tflow students too here (it’s…

Posted by TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Walla what happened after taken profit? As usual price gapped up! It’s equally important to know how to put money in pocket.

Remember this post…

Posted by TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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