Monthly Archives: September 2015

Glencore stock down 17% single day, use FTSE100 to tap into more opportunity -Avg 100 points profit

I hardly look at FTSE100, but when Glencore headline came into market, the first index to zoom into is naturally FTSE, because Glencore is an index stock.   Glencore’s stock is down 72% this year; Monday’s 17% drop saw its lowest ever price


EURAUD – probably better than trading into Yellen driven USD

I like to look at big pictures and when a trade setup stick very nicely to high timeframe levels, I opened eyes big. This is what I meant, with EURAUD example. Hopefully a retracement higher could open up a better price. Updated on 28 Sep


GBPCAD – Trading many boxes setup

When many boxes are about the same high or low, it is a clue to us (in Tflow®) that there might be a potential setup. First caught my eyes when GBPCAD was doing a flattish consolidation of 4 H4 boxes. H4 boxes consolidation with downflow-1234