Price spikes that reveal something of these 3 currency pairs

Price spikes reveal a wealth of information

In this previous article, we wrote that spikes reveal the effective price levels that market participants are looking at as well as the maximum power of bulls and bears. We had a number of price spikes in currency pairs last night so what can we tell from the tails?


EURAUD monthly chart

  1. EURAUD is resisted by a 15-year trend line drawn from 2 points.
  2. That spike was clearly a dash in the predominant trend but despite a nearly 500 pip break, price is back at the trend line.
  3. At the moment, price is above the trend line on the daily chart. It would serve traders to inspect carefully for any continuation or reversal chart. If there is a continuation, all’s well. If there is a bearish reversal, then that mad dash was merely a false break.
EURAUD resisted by trend line on monthly chart

EURAUD resisted by trend line on monthly chart


GBPNZD and AUDNZD charts

How about GBPNZD and AUDNZD? What can observe from them?

GBPNZD spike reveals potential resistance

GBPNZD spike reveals potential resistance

What does AUDNZD spike reveal about this level?

What does AUDNZD spike reveal about this level?


Bears won in all 3 currency pairs. But since we know that these spikes were caused by a massive risk-off event when US stock indices crashed and which subsequently recovered with the indices, there is a little titbit here to think about:

  1. EURAUD risk-off – run towards EUR.
  2. GBPNZD risk-off – run towards GBP.
  3. AUDNZD risk-off – run towards AUD.

Does this mean in a risk-off event, NZD is a hot potato that no one wants?

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