4 possible scenario suggesting why EURUSD is supported and resisted

I tried with different scenario in higher timeframe to analyse EURUSD and came out with some possible variations.

At the end of day, it is about lower timeframe that will help us trigger into an entry. So do keep watch in lower timeframe.

Scenario #1: Using the 2 established high to draw ED channel, EURUSD is still resisted



Scenario #2 Using nearer term established high, EURUSD still has room to drop



Scenario #3 Using recent price trend, I drew a downsloping ED channel and shows either EURUSD supported and resisted depending on which point ED maps


Scenario #4 Connecting the recent low, I shifted the other ED line to top. Thus EURUSD shows supported.



I will update again if possible how to trade EURUSD in lower timeframe in a protected post for #tflow students.

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  1. By Su Bee Chin Clifford

  2. By Wern Farrago

  3. By Kevin Chin

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