Important admin announcement 2

I am missing Jerome’s absence because by 3.03pm, none of the usual support is available because for the whole morning I was messing around with admin work. Here are a few things I have in mind to get organised as well as some messages for all of you.


Class attendance

  • Please be reminded/pass the message to your friends that there is a 4M class tomorrow 03 June from 2.30pm – 5.30pm. If you have want to sign up, there are still 14 spaces.
  • If you have signed up, please don’t miss. If you have to miss, please inform is in advance by sms (8298 6982) or email.
  • We don’t give away teaching material and we don’t have time to do individual briefing. If you really like the class, please attend.


Lost password to MT4 account

  • MT4 is a software that is licensed to brokers rather than users.
  • It means every account is very valuable and controlled item.
  • Demo accounts that we make available to students were sponsored by Axitrader at their expense.
  • If you have lost your id, password, please use this account to get a live account
  • You don’t have to fund it if you don’t want to use Axi as your broker but you can use it for TX Auto Alert.
  • We do not give out demo accounts again if you let it expire.
  • We are unable to reset your user password and neither did we record them.


MT4 Do-It-Yourself

  • For self help, please go here.
  • I am trying to document a comprehensive list of issues.
  • The linked page also points to other articles.


Software/hardware/learning material from other vendors

  • We do not offer comment or assistance where other vendors are involved.
  • Please refrain from sending us screenshots, questions.


Emailed questions/support

  • This is something very important in my opinion but unfortunately I am unable to respond to each in a timely manner.
  • If the question brought up must be urgently discussed, I will bring it up in the blog addressed to every member.
  • If you want to keep it private, please express it clearly.
  • I ask that you kindly organise your questions and charts clearly and easy to read.
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