How to recreate the old nBOX look


Configuring the look of nBOX

Most of us use nBOX. However on the latest version, you realise that it looks different when you insert nBOX into a chart from either the indicator menu or from the navigator panel.

Below are 5 steps which you can do to give nBOX the look we’ve all been used to.

  1. Set the CurrentTimeFrame colour to Dark Khaki
  2. Set Fill Box to False
  3. Set BoxLineWidth to 3
  4. Set BullishCTFExpansionColor to Blue
  5. Set BearishCTFExpansionColor to Red


Settings for nBOX

Settings for nBOX


Once you’ve done all that, you could save it as a template. You can find instructions on how to create a template here. How to save your analyses and settings during MT4 update

If you already have nBOX in the chart and want to get to the properties then follow the below steps.

  1. Right Click in the Chart with nBOX already loaded.
  2. Select Indicator List
  3. Double Click on the nBOX indicator
  4. Select the Input tab and make the above changes.
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