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Binni and I congratulate Jerome. He is going to a new career. He worked his last day here at TerraSeeds yesterday, we just had a farewell lunch and he will be starting work next Tuesday. Good man. We had a good time but it is important for each individual to move on to something better.

Please tweet your goodbyes to him directly; if you send here, we will forward to him but it might take a while.


A few things I want to announce:

  1. Binni and I have decided to take a sabbatical from training so we do not have the next Tflow® course date.
  2. If you have any friends who are keen to attend Tflow®, please ask them to follow our schedule or  leave their name and contact until we go back to them.
  3. We don’t know how long this break will take.
  4. In conjunction with this break, we are going to downsize.
  5. The company will continue to operate.
  6. 4M and BP will continue at current frequency.
  7. We will have time to take up more ad hoc speaking sessions so don’t be surprised to see us here and there.
  8. Jerome will not be replaced; if we are a bit sloppy with customer service from now on please forgive us.
  9. Priority will be given to learning and trading matters; please feel free to write or leave a comment in the blog.
  10. For IT matters, please go here do-it-yourself.
  11. For everything else in between, please consider if your friendly broker is the first person you should go to.


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4 thoughts on “Important admin announcement”

  1. Daniel Ku Guet Liang says:

    Sir, how about error 503? who can assist on this matter please? TQ

  2. Ibrahim AlBehaisi says:

    I wish you the Best Mr. Jerome it is a pleasure meeting you

  3. Tan Teck Guan says:

    All the best

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